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My favourite Oz band


There are so any great Australian bands. AC/DC, Split Enz (actually NZ but we own them), McKensie Theory, Coal Chisel, Noiseworks, The Loved Ones, Company Cain, Baby Animals, Australian Crawl, CrossFire, Jackie Orszaczky and the list goes on. It has taken me a life-time to really listen and understand what is Australian rock and fusion music and it comes down to three musicians/bands - Richard Clapton, The Divinyls and Midnight Oil. I love Chrissy (vale) and Mark and the first 3 albums are awesome. Richard's "Goodbye Tiger", "Blue Bay Blues" and "Girls on the Avenue" are perfect but, I have to join a large crowd and declare Midnight Oil as my favourite Oz band.

I was listening very loud last night to "Forgotten Years" and it is everything I love about music, musicians, poets and this country. Political, heartfelt and potent lyrics and the music! Peter Garrett, Rob Hirst, Jim Moginie, Martin Rotsey (the interplay between these guitarists - wow), Bowes Hillman, Peter Gifford and Andrew James. 

"Short Memories", "Read About It" and the rarely heard "No Time For Games" are a unique product of intelligent, articulate and aware musicians and the Australian diaspora, disrespect for authority and our lingering but destructive "transported european" tradition. The opening chords of "No Time For Games" are even a better example than the opening chords of AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" of the pure, distilled essence of rock.

In early 2017 Camille and I were having great Italian at University Cafe in Lygon Street and I saw Peter Garrett and his partner a couple of tables across. I went over to quickly thank him for his music and his frustrated attempt (thanks a lot Kevin Rudd!) at making a political difference. He was gracious and genuinely appreciative of my interruption .. sums up the man. "Some kids have no time for play time".



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