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There is a great scene in the first Matrix movie where Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) says to Neo/Mr Anderson (Keanu Reeves):


“You have two lives, Mr Anderson. One has a future, one does not”


I have always had two lives but for the most part only lived one life and one future. After playing and writing music throughout the 1970’s I made a decision abandon a desire to become a full-time musician and to concentrate on a consulting career around innovations in project management (you’ll find this all on Google, Amazon and iTunes). I used to justify this decision by “not wanting to compromise my music” but, in retrospect, making a living in Australia as a musician who wanted to ignore labels was not a viable option. That career has been successful (I have written 5 books and consulted with many major organisations globally)


One life, one future.


However, in the late 1990’s, inspired by a combination of events (the discovery by some amazing people, after 30 years, of my first album Yaraandoo recorded in the early 1970’s and my daughter’s desire to play bass) I picked up my Gibson and began to rediscover my love for writing music, playing guitar and other instruments






I also discovered that you didn't need to spend a fortune on studios and courtesy of the tech revolution, I began recording my music on workstations and eventually my Mac.


So now, like Neo, I have two lives.


This Web Site is about my life as a musician and guitarist.


I am writing more music than I have ever done, my guitar playing is no longer a limit to what I can write and my journey through life has given me more experiences, learnings and insights to set to music. There is enough free music on the site for you to make up your own mind about whether getting older means getting less innovative.


I will continue to live two lives for the foreseeable future. However, the real one future is to create, write, record and hopefully, play live, music that is without boundaries and labels. Music that pays homage to all the wonderful musicians whose music transported me inside my head and heart.


Rob Thomsett, Canberra, May 2014


I want to thank John Shand, Eothen Alapatt and Bob Howe whose words and feedback gave me courage to continue at the very beginning. 

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